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Allowable and functional currencies

For each currency field, you specify allowable and functional currencies:

  • Allowable currencies are the types of currencies that users can enter in a currency field. Codes for allowable currencies appear in a menu attached to the field. For each currency field, application developers can specify a primary allowable currency to use when users do not specify a currency code. If the developer does not specify a primary currency, the system uses a default.
    Although the default in BMC Remedy Developer Studio is all allowable currencies, include only what is necessary for your applications. For every allowable currency, you must create a matrix of currency ratio values to support converting every allowable currency to a different functional currency.
  • Functional currencies are the currencies into which the user-entered currency is converted when users save a request. For example, if a user enters 7.00 USD and the field's functional currencies are EUR and JPY, 7.00 USD is converted into the corresponding EUR and JPY values (see Currency exchange ratios). Applications can use these preconverted values, which are stored with the field, to search, report, and run qualifications without spending additional processing time to convert the user-entered value at runtime.
    The server uses the first functional currency entered to evaluate workflow comparisons and process workflow actions. For more information about allowable and functional currencies, see Creating currency fields.

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