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Working with AR System licenses

To use  BMC Helix Innovation Suite , you need several types of licenses in addition to an  AR System server  license.

To configure license limits, assign licenses to users, and control and report license consumption in alignment with how user licenses were purchased, BMC provides support for bundled licenses. As a system administrator, you can assign bundled licenses to the users, which are used to access the  BMC Helix Innovation Suite  and its applications. 

BMC has used different pricing models to sell BMC Helix Innovation Suite , and each of those models used different SKU names. For example, the term “2015 Pricing Model” refers to the first year when a specific pricing model was introduced. To find out what pricing model is relevant to you, identify the names of the licenses or subscriptions that you have bought from BMC, and compare them to the names in the pricing model folders. All of the licenses or subscriptions that you have bought must be from the same model. 

To add an  AR System server  license you need a license key. For more information about generating a license key, see  Obtaining license keys Open link .

The following table lists the type of licenses used in  BMC Helix Innovation Suite :

Type of licenseDescription

AR System User

The following license types are used to access the AR System server :

  • Read
  • Fixed
  • Floating
  • Restricted Read
  • Bundled

The following types of licenses provide users write access to an AR System server :

  • AR User Fixed
  • AR User Floating

For more information, see License types for users to access AR System server.

Server options

Optional server components, such as Distributed Server Option , require separate licenses.


To be run on an AR System server , most applications must be licensed on the server.

Application user

To use applications based on AR System , each user needs the following licenses:

  • AR System user (fixed or floating)
  • Application user (fixed or floating)

Where to go from here


Add licenses to a  BMC Helix Innovation Suite .

Adding or removing licenses
Set server license information..Setting license options v21.05
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