This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing mid tier system settings

Use the Mid Tier Configuration Tool to update  Mid Tier  settings. The Overview page displays information about Mid Tier  system settings.

Mid Tier Configuration Tool—Overview page

Mid Tier  system information settings



Mid Tier Version

The version of the Mid Tier that is installed.

Installation Directory

The directory path to your Mid Tier installation.

Web Server Information

The product name of the web server being used with the Mid Tier (for example, Microsoft IIS) and the product name of the Java servlet engine being used with this installation of Mid Tier (for example, Apache Tomcat).

In some web configurations, only the Java servlet engine details are shown. 

Operating System Name

The operating system used on your computer (for example, Oracle Solaris 10 or Windows 2003 Server).

Java Version

The version of the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) that is installed on your computer (for example, 1.5.0).

Current configuration settings



AR Server(s)

The AR System server s currently used with the Mid Tier .

Preference Server(s)

The servers designated as preference servers. You can add or delete servers from the General Settings page. See Setting user preferences.

Data Visualization Module Server(s)

The AR System server that contains the data visualization module.

Homepage Server

The AR System server for the Mid Tier on which the home page resides.

Log Directory

The directory path in which session-related information, such as logs and temporary files, is stored.

Session Timeout (Minutes)

The number of minutes after which a session expires. When the system has exceeded this amount without any activity, the user must log on again. The default value is 90 minutes. You can change this value on the General Settings page.

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