This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Validating permissions for incoming email actions with security keys

Security keys associated with an incoming mailbox validate the permissions for incoming emails to perform various actions on the AR System server , such as modifying entries. In the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form, you specify whether a security key is required for email sent to a mailbox (see Configuring incoming mailboxes). If you use a security key, you must create the key and associate it with a mailbox.

When mail arrives, BMC Remedy Email Engine validates the security key included in the incoming email message against the stored information. If the key is valid, the Email Engine validates the mailbox owner name in the form.

To create email security keys

  1. In a browser, open the AR System Email Security form in New mode.
  2. Enter the following information in the fields:
    • Status—Select Enabled to activate the key.
    • Key—Enter a set of alphanumeric characters. Consider the following issues before you enter the characters:
      • Security keys are case-sensitive. For example, CITYSCAPE, Cityscape, and cityscape are all different.
      • Do not use names that are common to your working environment or that could be easy to guess. For example, do not use a favorite product nickname, your name, or a campus building name.
      • Mix numbers, letters, and special characters to make the key more difficult to guess (for example, City2Scape or City!Scape ).
      • Do not use spaces, forward slashes, or backslashes.
    • User Name—Enter the name of a valid AR System  user to which the security key applies.
    • Force for Mailbox—To enable the security key for this mailbox only, select Yes.
      To enable the key for all mailboxes in your email environment, select No.
    • Mailbox Name—Enter the name of the incoming mailbox to which the security key applies.
    • Force from Email Addresses—To require this key for emails received from specific email addresses, select Yes. Allows the key to work only if it comes from the mailbox contained in the email addresses field.
    • Email Addresses—Enter the email addresses to which the security key applies, if you enabled the Force from Email Addresses key.
    • Expires—To specify an expiration date for the key, select Yes. The Expiration Date field is enabled.
    • Expiration Date—Enter an expiration date for this security key. After the key expires, you can either modify the expiration date in this form or select No for the Expires field.
    • Description—Enter a description of the key. For example, explain why the key was created or include instructions to modify or delete it.
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