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Using the Get Agreement sample application

If you installed  Approval Server sample applications, you can use them to understand and test the  Approval Server functionality. The Get Agreement sample application demonstrates an Ad Hoc process, in which the requesters and approvers select who should approve the request. (For more information about the Ad Hoc process type, see Approval processes.) This application demonstrates the use of Approval Central, an application request form (in this case, AP-Sample2:Get Agreement), and related forms, such as the AP-Sample2:Issue Detail Signat three-way join form and AP:More Information form. It also demonstrates how to display the status of an approval request and how to identify the actions taken by each approver.

The sample procedures in this section use a set of sample users: Frank Williams, Jack Miller, Larry Goldstein, Violet Anderson, and Sue Smith. Frank Williams (the requester) requests a new computer. The approvers use Approval Central to approve or reject the approval request, and to reassign an approval request to another approver. The sample users also send and respond to More Information requests.

To follow the sample application procedures using these names, the AR System  administrator must create the AR System  user names, and they must be issued floating or fixed write licenses. Because this is an Ad Hoc process, you can also substitute licensed user names that already exist on your system when you try these procedures. 

The Questions, Comments with attachments, Notes, and Multi-process preview features are available out-of-the-box with this sample application. For more information, see Form to view history of activities on a request for an approval process.

This section demonstrates how to perform basic approval functions by using Get Agreement, one of the sample applications bundled with Approval Server . The Get Agreement application demonstrates how requesters and approvers work with approval and More Information requests in an Ad Hoc approval process. Refer to the following table to understand the step-by-step process of the Get Agreement sample agreement:


Understand and test the Approval Server functionality by using the sample application.

This topic
3Use the sample application to start the approval process by creating a new approval request.Creating new approval requests
4Approve the approval request.Approving approval requests
5Transfer an approval request to another approver.Reassigning approval requests
6Seek more information about approval requests.Requesting more information
7Understand the approval status and take action.Working with Approval Status and More Information requests
8Respond to a More Information request and view the responses.Responding to and viewing responses to More Information requests
9Verify the status of an approval request that you created. Checking status of requests

Most of the procedures in this section require that you start by opening Approval Central. To do so, use the Approval Central link on the AR System  Home Page, or open the Approval Central form in a browser.  For more information, see Approval Central.

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