This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Using Run Process and $PROCESS$ commands

AR System server  provides a set of commands that you can use with Run Process actions and the $PROCESS$ keyword in Set Fields actions. These process commands do not cause the system to run an external operating system process. Instead, the  AR System server  or client recognizes these commands and performs the operations directly. 

There are two sets of process commands in  AR System server . Commands named with "Application- " are always executed on the  AR System server . Other process commands can run on the client or the  AR System server  as appropriate to the action.

Commands named with "PERFORM-ACTION- ", as well as GET-CHANGE-FLAGSET-CHANGE-FLAG, and SET-RO-COLOR are always executed by the workflow engine. If initiated from an active link, these commands run on the client. If initiated by a filter or escalation, they run on the server. Some workflow process commands are specifically designed only for use in active links, some are designed for use in filters and escalations, and some can be used in any type of workflow. These process commands are described in PERFORM-ACTION and other workflow commands.

Through the Run Process action or by using the $PROCESS$ keyword in a Set Fields action, you can initiate separate processes, including both,  AR System server  commands and outside applications. In general, these actions are used to perform operations in support of your application.

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