This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Types of events you can record

The following table lists the types of server events you can record.



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Changes to server objects (such as forms, filters, active links, escalations, fields, VUIs, char menus, and containers)

The AR System server records the API calls that cause server object changes

Viewing server object changes

Changes to users, groups, applications, and roles

  • User added, modified, or deleted using the User or Group form 
  • User or group changes using the arcache utility 
  • Application added, modified, or deleted

Viewing user, group, application, and role changes

Changes to server settings

Alert users when server settings change

Viewing server setting changes

Alert registration

Alert users who are registered or deregistered

Viewing alert registration activity

Archive activity

Alert users of archive activity

Viewing archive activity

Server group activity

A server in a server group fails and another server takes over

Viewing server group actions

 Client TimeoutA client timed out before the server could respond. Viewing client timeout server event details
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