This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Types of browser searches for end users

Three types of searches are available for browsers:

  • Saved searches—Searches that users can create and save for a form. Saved searches are saved to a system form called AR System Searches Preference. Each search is an entry in this form. Users must have this form installed in their preference server to save searches on the web. If you do not have this form installed, import it by using  Developer Studio .
  • Recent searches—A list of searches that a user has executed recently. When a user executes a new search, it is added to the list of recent searches. The number of recent searches is configured in the AR System User Preference form. If the maximum number of recent searches has been reached, the oldest of the recent searches is replaced by the newest search. These searches are also saved in the AR System Searches Preference form.
  • Defined searches—Searches defined by the administrator using  Developer Studio . Each defined search is associated with a specific form view, and is stored as part of the properties for that view.

The Searches button opens a menu in which users can save searches and to open defined, saved, and recent searches. The button is enabled for users only if you have specified a preference server and have the AR System Searches Preference form installed. This form pertains only to defined and saved searches on the web. 

Searches menu in toolbar of a form displayed in a browser 


For information about creating and saving searches, see Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links.

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