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Troubleshooting cache sync issue in server group

In a server group, you might observe that the metadata on all servers is not in sync when you perform the following actions:

  • Upgrade BMC Helix Innovation Suite
  • Perform create, update, or delete operations on metadata or cache-enabled application objects
  • Import content packages

The  Server Group Cache Peer Error form helps obtain details about the cache sync issues between servers and resolve issues by analyzing server group logs or debug logs.

Alternatively, you can create a BMC Support case.


After upgrading to the latest version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite , Jonnie observed that the latest messages from agents are not getting displayed.

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In a server group, when you perform metadata operations, the updates are not synced on all servers in the server group.


The entire server group.


  1. Open  the Server Group Cache Peer Error form from  Mid Tier .
    The following screenshot shows the  Server Group Cache Peer Error form:
  2. Review the Record ID reported for a specific Remote Method Invocation (RMI) URL.
  3. Analyze Server group logs or debug logs located in the <Install directory>\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\Db folder. 

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