This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Troubleshooting Approval Server

When troubleshooting Approval Server , complete the following tasks:

  • Check the known and corrected issues in Action Request System .
  • Apply the latest hotfix for Approval Server .
  • Review the recommended Approval Server  configuration if you experience issues with the Approval Server . For more information, see Configuring approval server.

Ensure that you check the hotfix level of both  AR System server  and  Approval Server . For any questions about hotfixes and applying hotfixes, read through the associated Readme file or contact BMC Support by opening a support ticket.

When an issue occurs while using Approval Server , analyze the cause. The following list includes the common problems that can occur when using Approval Server :

Popular knowledge articles for  Approval Server

The following list includes some of the popular knowledge articles from BMC Communities for Approval Server :

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  • How to test Approval Server is working fine or not Open link
  • How to enable the Approval log and set the logging in DEBUG mode Open link
  • Different Reasons of Approval Server Sanity Check Failed Open link
  • Approvals and Status Change are delayed despite the Approval to be configured correctly Open link
  • Records stuck in Application Pending form - Error:"no arapsignalxx_build001 in java.library.path" Open link
  • How to enable the AR System Dispatcher log Open link
  • Server Group Coordinator Causing Non-Responsiveness Open link
  • Setting the Approval-Polling-Interval parameter: Approval Server slow Open link
  • AREA LDAP and Approval Server not working after upgrade to v9.1 ARServer due to missing or not updated Java files entries in the pluginsvr_config.xml file Open link
  • Approval Engine Intermittently Suspended in a Server Group Open link

Video for  Approval Server

The following video (6:32) explains how to test Approval Server .

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