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Specifying standard data load job steps by applying out-of-the-box templates

BMC provides you with out-of-the-box templates to enable you to quickly create jobs. You can copy these templates to customize them to your needs, and save them to be used later. For a description of the templates that are provided, see Out-of-the-box Foundation templates.

Data Management provides out-of-the-box job templates, spreadsheets, and staging form mappings for your use. For more information about how to access the templates, see Managing Foundation data by using Data Management.


Allen Allbrook wants to load the company and people information for Apex Global company. He creates and saves a job. From the Create drop-down list in the Steps panel, he selects the Using BMC Templates option, and the Company and People templates, and runs the job.

Pre-designed job templates are shipped with the data load tool. They include the most commonly loaded forms.


For example, if you wanted to load People records, you could choose a job template called People and this would prepopulate all the required steps to load the appropriate forms for a successful load of People and related data. Alternatively, if you are performing a full deployment, you must choose all of the following job templates, which would prepopulate all the required steps to load the appropriate forms for all Foundation, process setup, and transactional data:

  • ALL Foundation
  • ALL Process Setup
  • ALL Transactional

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have the source data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. 

To apply out-of-the-box template to a data load job

  1. Open the job to which you want to apply the template selecting Applications >  Data Management > Job Console.
  2. To make the out-of-the-box template available for selection, perform the following steps:
    1. In the Steps panel, click the Create arrow and select Using BMC Templates.
    2. In the Job Template dialog box, select the required template and click Select.
  3. Complete the Load step by uploading the source data file to the template.

    1. On the Steps panel, click the arrow preceding Load to expand the Load step.
    2. Select the required template and click View.
    3. In the Load Parameters section of the Step Details tab, from the attachments table, select the Data Load File Copy row and click Add.
    4. In the Add Attachment dialog box, browse to the source data file and click OK.
  4. Save the job.
  5. After the job is saved successfully, change the status of the job to Built.

    1. Click the job ID on the breadcrumb bar.
    2. On the Job Details tab, change the Status to Built and save the job.

  6. Click Run to run your job immediately, or Job Schedule to run the job at a future time.

Out-of-the-box foundation templates

If you use a foundation template, the template data overrides the data that is specified in the spreadsheet.

Template name


ALL Foundation

Sets up the steps for all of the Foundation templates.


Loads company and company alias records.

Financial Information

Loads configuration cost center repository and cost center user-defined association records.

Generic Catalog

Loads generic catalog, generic product service associations and generic company module association records.


Loads postal code records.


Loads site, site alias, region, site group, and site company association records.

Operational Catalog

Loads operational catalog and operational catalog association records.


Loads people template, people, people template permission group, people template support group, people template support group functional role records.

Also loads people attribute records, including login ID, people wallet (for example, credit card information), people human resources attendance management, people human resources time management, people education, people travel profile, people benefit information, people IT skills, cost center user-defined association, people work log, people notification event, people access restrictions, people permission group, support group association, and support group functional role.

People Organization

Loads people organization records.

Product Catalog

Loads product catalog, product alias, product company association, product model version, product model version patch, and product catalog alias mapping records.

Support Group

Loads support group, support group assignment, support group alias, support group on call, business work days, and business holiday records.

System Setup

Loads pager service configuration records.

Out-of-the-box process setup templates

Template nameDescription
All Process SetupSets up the steps for all of the Process Setup templates.
ChangeLoads approver lookup, change template, change template support group association, change template associations, and task template association records.
FoundationLoads assignment and alternate records.
IncidentLoads incident template, incident template support group association, incident template associations, scripts, group event mapping, decision tree, decision tree main branch, decision tree branch, and decision tree branch item records.
RequestLoads summary definition records.
TaskLoads task group template, task template, task association template, task flow template, task assignment configuration, task variable template, and task variable mapping records.
Activity_Process_SetupLoads activity templates, activity config rules, and activity config notification rules records.
Release_Process_SetupLoads release milestone exit criteria, release approver lookup, release template, release template associations, release template support group associations, release config rules, release config prioritization, release config notification rules, and release milestone phases records.

BMC Service Level Management

AgreementLoads the service level management agreement records and their related template.
Contract jobLoads the service level management contract records.
Service targetLoads the service target records and their related template.

BMC Service Request Management

PDT ImportLoads Process Definition Templates (PDTs) and related data.
SRD ImportLoads Service Request Definitions (SRDs) and related data.
Supporting Data ImportLoads supporting data for SRDs and PDTs, which includes questions, images, survey questions, category data, and entitlement data.

Out-of-the-box transactional templates

Template nameDescription
ALL TransactionalSets up the steps for all of the Transactional templates.

Loads infrastructure change, change work log, change impacted areas, and signature records.

Financial InformationLoads payment records.
Foundation Loads broadcast, broadcast support group association, association, financial, and reminder records. 
Incident Loads incident, incident association, incident work log, and incident impacted area records.
Problem Loads problem investigation, problem investigation work log, problem impacted areas, problem known error, problem known error work log, problem solution database, problem solution alias, problem solution work log, and problem solution database additional mapping records.
Task Loads task, task group, and task work information records.
Transactional_ActivityLoads activity and activity work info records.
Transactional_ReleaseLoads release manifest association, release worklog, release signature, and release records.

BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management

Asset Loads the asset-to-asset relationship data.
CI-CMDBLoads the computer system, processor, product, and operating system CIs.

BMC Helix ITSM: Knowledge Management

How ToThis template is designed to document a process, a user question, or instructions to complete a specific task. Knowledge users can write the process, task, or question in the Question field and provide the details in the Answer field. Additional comments can be added in the Technical Notes field. 

This template is designed to document referential information (for example, lists of components or parameters, hardware and software requirements, installation prerequisites, and general descriptions).

Typically, you relate reference knowledge articles to How To, Problem, and Known Error articles to enhance their content. 

Problem SolutionThis template is designed to document problems and their solutions. Knowledge users can write the problem description in the Problem field and provide a solution in the Solution field. Additional comments can be added in the Technical Notes field.
Known Error This template is designed to document fixes or workarounds to known errors and issues. Knowledge users can use the template's fields to describe the error, provide the root cause, and offer a fix or a workaround. Additional comments can be added in the Technical Notes field.

Where to go from here

You can use out-of-the-box templates or create customized steps to run your job. For more information see Creating customized data load jobs.

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