This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Simplified Transactional CI spreadsheet

The Data Management utility contains a simplified Transactional Configuration Item (CI) dataload spreadsheet with the following characteristics:

  • Fewer tabs
  • Columns for only required, conditional, and most commonly used fields
  • Required fields grouped together in the left-most columns of the spreadsheet
  • Default values in some fields
  • Enhanced Help text
  • Support for more CI types

Why would I use the simplified spreadsheet?

Use this spreadsheet when you do not need to use all of the fields provided on the standard Transactional CI spreadsheet or when you need to get your system up and running quickly using only a subset of the data.

Scenario for setting up a system quickly

You are an IT operations analyst working for a company that has recently acquired and installed Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM). Before the new installation can be rolled out, your team must perform customization work on the new system, followed by extensive testing of the customization work. Because time is an important factor in setting up the new BMC Remedy ITSM environment, you choose to use the Onboarding wizard to import foundation data from your current system to the new system, and the simplified Transactional CI spreadsheet to quickly move transactional CI data from the old system to the new one, to serve as test data.

Because the simplified spreadsheet contains columns for only the most important and commonly used fields (and, in some fields, default data), the process of importing data from the production environment into the development or the test environments is much easier and goes more quickly.

How do I identify the simplified spreadsheet?

The simplified transactional spreadsheet has the word "express" appended to the name: Transactional CI Express.xlsx.

Where do I find the simplified spreadsheet?

You can download the simplified spreadsheet from the Spreadsheet Management console in the Data Management component. Perform the following steps to download a simplified spreadsheet from the Spreadsheet Management console:

  1. From the Application menu, select Data Management > Spreadsheet Management.
  2. In the Spreadsheet type filter, select BMC Template.
  3. In the Spreadsheet Category filter, select Transactional.
  4. From the resulting list of templates, select the Transactional CI Express spreadsheet.
  5. From the console toolbar, click Download.
    The Download button does not appear until you select a template from the list. 
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