This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Setting a global archive interval for forms

To set global schedule for archiving on the forms to be archived, you must configure archiving interval on your server. Starting this release, you will not be able to set archive schedule for individual forms using Developer Studio . For more information about understanding how archive interval works, see Archiving overview.

To set the global archive interval

  1. In a browser, open the AR System Administration Console, and click System > General > Server Information
    The AR System Administration: Server Information form appears.
  2. Click the Configuration tab, and enter the Archive Interval value in hours.
    For example, if you enter value 2, all the forms where you have enabled archiving, are archived after every two hours.
    The default value for Archive Interval is 24 hours.
  3. Click Apply to confirm the changes.
  4. Click OK to close the form.
    You can also set the global archive interval by using the Run Every (hours) field from AR System Archive Manager Console. For more information, see To control the frequency of archiving Open link .
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