This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Locale preferences

AR System User Preference form—Locale tab

Locale tab fields

Area nameField NameDescriptionClient
Locale    User Locale

Designates the language displayed on the user's system, in the format language _country, where language is the language code (such as fr for French or en for English), and country is the two-letter country code (such as FR for France or US for United States). Some sample entries are:

  • en_US—English (United States)
  • fr_BE—French (Belgium)
  • fr_CA—French (Canada)
  • zh_HK—Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • zh_CN—Simplified Chinese
  • ja_JP—Japanese (Japan)

This field is clear by default.

Time ZoneDefines the time zone displayed on the user's system. Select a time zone from the menu, for example, Asia/Tokyo, America/New York, or Europe/Paris. Any ICU (International Component for Unicode) format is accepted. This field is clear by default.Web
Display Date/Time Style

Defines the format in which the date and time appear. According to Windows format, the options are:

  • Short
  • Long
  • Custom

This setting is platform-independent and is not automatically the same as any preferences set in the Windows Control Panel. Use a predefined Windows format. The default is Short.

For more information, see Date and time formats.


Custom Date/Time FormatDefines the custom Date/Time length format. This field is active only when Custom is selected from the Display Date/Time Style menu list. To customize separators and other options, the user must use a predefined Windows format or a customized Windows format. The EEE and EEEE day formats do not work in this field. For example, if the user enters EEEE, MMMM dd, yyyy, the day of the week displays in the browser as EEEE, not the actual day (for example, Tuesday). This field is clear by default.


CurrencyThe type of currency to be applied for this locale (for example, USD for United States dollars). If currency is specified here, it overrides the developer-defined Initial Currency Type field property. If this field has a default value, it overrides the User Preference and the Initial Currency Type.Web

* Legacy = The field is available for legacy environments that use BMC Remedy User, which is no longer shipped with AR System .

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