This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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How the Server Events form is created

The Server Events form is created automatically by the server and contains the following reserved fields:


These fields distinguish the Server Events form from all other forms. Only one Server Events form can exist in the AR System  database; therefore, only one form contains these reserved fields.

The Server Events form can be created as follows:

  • Case 1—When the server starts, the server creates the Server Events form automatically if the form does not already exist in the  AR System database. If you delete the Server Events form, the server automatically regenerates the form the next time the server is started.
  • Case 2—If you create your own Server Events form, you must supply default values with the correct data type for the required core fields. If the Server Events form already exists and you try to create a form with the reserved fields, the server returns an error when you try to save the form. Error checking does not allow the existence of more than one Server Events form.

You can modify the Server Events form by using  Developer Studio or a driver. You can rename the Server Events form; however, if any of the reserved fields is removed, the form is no longer a valid Server Events form.

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