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Developing applications

Developers and application programmers develop and customize  AR System  applications. The following topics discuss how to accomplish the necessary tasks.

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Developing applications Open link (BMC Helix Platform)



Plan what your application should do and review suggested best practices for application development.

Planning to develop an application by using Developer Studio

Learn how to navigate Developer Studio, including working with perspectives and viewing form and field events.Accessing and navigating Developer Studio

Set up version control; create and manage packing lists.

Setting up the development environment

Create and manage objects in Developer Studio.Working with objects

Learn how to define a local and deployable application.

Defining and managing applications

Understand how to customize the application by using overlays and custom objects; customize the interface, the home page, and entry points.

Customizing applications using overlays and custom objects

Develop an application that includes forms, panels, tables, images, menus, and fields; embed web content through Data Visualization fields; and add graphics to the application with flashboards.

Developing the application interface

Configure workflow and build qualifications and expressions to determine when workflow should run.Defining workflow to automate processes

Understand how to connect a AR System application to Approval Server .

Adding approvals to an application

Localize an application.

Localizing an application to other languages

Make your application accessible (Section 508 compatibility); test and debug your application; and move your application to production.

Testing and debugging a Remedy AR System application

Configure your application to make it licensable and add an application license to your server.

Making applications that you develop licensable

Call third-party REST APIs to update applications by using Developer Studio.

Calling third-party REST APIs in a Remedy application

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