This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Defining Run Process actions to run processes, programs, or commands

Use the Run Process action in:

  • Active links
  • Filters
  • Escalations

Use the Run Process action to run an independent process on a client computer or an  AR System server . The system executes the command specified in the Command Line field. You can run an  AR System  application command or workflow process command, or specify an external program to carry out actions such as sending a fax or making a log entry in a specific format.

The Run Process action only executes an independent process; it does not return a value. To insert the result of a process into a field, use the Set Fields action with the $PROCESS$ keyword to set a field by using the value returned from a process (see Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links).

For more information about the  AR System  application and workflow commands, see Using Run Process and $PROCESS$ commands. For information about using the Run Process action or the $PROCESS$ keyword to integrate  AR System server  with an external application, see Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links.

The following topics provide information about working with Run Process action:

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