This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Defining Goto active link or filter actions

Use the Goto action in:

  • Active links
  • Filters

Use the Goto action to execute an active link or filter in an order other than the normal sequence determined by the active link or filter execution order. When a Goto action executes, the first item with an execution order greater than or equal to the number that you specify executes next. You can specify a static or variable execution order value.

The Goto action in the context of a guide is not supported in the mid tier. Use the Goto guide label to control the flow of execution inside a guide.

Like the Goto Guide Label action, the Goto action allows you to control the order of workflow. However, the Goto action does not require the workflow to be organized into a guide. The Goto action can be useful when you want to execute a sequence multiple times. For each time that you want to execute an active link or filter, a Goto action returns you to the active link or filter with which you want to begin.

To define the Goto active link or filter action

  1. Right-click the If Action or the Else Action panel header.
  2. Select Add Action > Goto.
  3. In the Type field, select one of the following options:
    • Execution Order—Specify a static execution order.
      Enter the execution order in the Goto Execution Order field. You can specify an execution order up to 1000. If you specify an execution order of 0, the first active link that meets the execution conditions executes.

      Developer Studio  does not prevent you from entering an execution order higher than 1000. However, any execution order of 1001 or more is interpreted as 1000.

    • Execution Order from Field—Use an execution order that is set at runtime.
      In the Field With Execution Order field, type or select the field that will determine the execution order. This field must be an integer field.
  4. Save the active link or filter.
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