This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Defining forms to hold and display data

Use forms to capture and display information. A form typically includes related components such as employee and department information. A form contains fields in which the information is entered and displayed. The collection of fields represents a record of information in AR System . While the entries comprise the rows of a database table, the fields comprise the columns.

Forms are created and defined using the following steps. To make sure that all form components are properly defined, follow the steps in the order listed.

  1. Create a form (see Creating forms).
  2. Set form properties (see Setting form properties).
  3. Plan the layout of a form (see Arranging fields in a form view).
  4. Create fields on a form (see Creating and managing fields).
  5. Set field properties (see Field Properties).
  6. Create form views (see Creating form views).

This section discusses the following sections about types of forms available, and the tasks used to create them:

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