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Creating a faceted filter

In  Developer Studio , a faceted filter is a simpler version of an advanced filter. You can configure a faceted filter in a cell-based table and list-view table in progressive view. A faceted filter supports character fields with search menus. A faceted filter is useful when a user requires a simple filter for tables. The user doesn't need to select too many advanced options and can use the faceted filter with a few clicks.

To support a faceted filter, the following property are added in  Developer Studio :

Property nameApplicable for fieldProperty valueDescription
Filter Type
  • Table - List View
  • Table - Cell Based
  • Faceted
  • Advanced (Default)

This property specifies whether a faceted filter or an advanced filter is to be used for a table.

To create a faceted filter

You must set the values for the properties that are available for the table field and the column field.

To set the values for the table field properties 

  1. On the progressive view of a form, double-click a table field.
  2. Under the Attributes group on the Properties panel, click Filter and from the list, select True.
  3. Click Filter Type and from the list, select Faceted.
  4. Click Filter External ID and then in the Value column, click the ellipsis () button.
  5. In the Filter External ID dialog box, select a field and then click OK.
    The values for the table field properties are set.

To set the values for the column field properties

  1. Click Tree/Table Property and then in the Value column, click the ellipsis () button.
  2. In the Tree/Table Property dialog box, add a field as a table column, and then click OK.
  3. Double-click the column field in the table.
  4. Drag a character field to the form, and then double-click it to view the Properties panel.
  5. Click Menu Name and in the Value column, click the ellipsis () button.
  6. In the Menu Name dialog box, select a menu of type search from the available menus, and then click OK.
  7. Double-click the Table field.
  8. Click Tree/Table Property and in the Value column, click the ellipsis () button. 
  9. On the Tree/Table Property dialog box, add the character field with a menu that you've added in step 7 as a table column, and then click OK.
  10. Double-click the column that you've added in step 9.
  11. Click Filter and from the list, select True.
  12. Select a value for the following properties as required:

    Property nameProperty valueDescription
    Display As SelectTrue | False (Default)Specifies if the options in a faceted filter are to be displayed as check boxes that the user can select.
    Use Value As QualificationTrue | False (Default)Specifies if the value of a menu that contains a qualification is to be used as is when the user applies the faceted filter.
    Filter QBE Match

    Anywhere | Equals | Leading (Default)

    Specifies the Query By Example (QBE) match for the faceted filter.

    • Leading—The leading characters in the query string are matched.
    Equals—The characters in the query string are precisely matched.
    Anywhere—The characters in the query string are matched irrespective of their location.

    Filter Display OrderAn IntegerSpecifies the order in which a menu item is displayed in the faceted filter.
    Filter Additional OptionsTrue | False (Default)

    Use this to add a predefined filter value in progressive views. This property is available when the Column Filter property is set to True and it is mapped to a Character field, Date/Time filters, and auto-complete menu filters. This property opens a dialog where you must specify a value for Label to display in the UI and a value which is used in the qualification for this filter.

    This option is available only for PWA.

    Filter VisibilityTrue (Default) | False 

    Specifies whether the filter is visible on the screen.

    This property is enabled only when you set the value of the Filter property to True.

    This option is available only for PWA.

    Menu Name

    Attaches a character menu to a character field and inserts a menu button to the right of the field. Character menus provide users with a fill-in aid that can help standardize the text contents and thereby improve the accuracy of searches. Unless you specify a pattern match (see the description of "Pattern" in this section) or change the display type to Drop-Down List (see the description of "Display type" in this section), users can enter their own text even when a character menu is attached to the field. To attach a menu, select it in the property's drop-down list. The $NULL$ option allocates space for the menu button, but hides the button in the user's client. When you use the Change Field action to associate a menu, the menu button appears without disrupting form layout. See Using buttons and menu bar items to execute active links. For information about designing and creating a character menu, see Creating character menus.

    For the Table - List View field, specifies the name of the menu when the following conditions are true:

    • For a column in a table, the value for the Filter property is set to True.
    • The column is mapped to a character field.
    Override Menu FilterTrue | False (Default)

    If field is a menu field and we want to use that field as plain character field in table we need to provide value as Override Menu Filter : "True" ,so that when we apply filter on that column input value will be accepted.

    Default value is False. This option is available only for PWA.

    SelectionCheck box
    Drop-down list
    Radio button
    When you want to create selection fields such as drop-down list, radio buttons, and so on.
  13. Click Save to save your settings.

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