This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Controlling access to requests

Defining access to requests is important when you want to keep certain groups of users from knowing that certain requests exist. For example, if you use  AR System as the outsource help desk for several companies, you can assign access to requests so that only the company that submitted the request can see it.

You determine which groups or roles have access to a request through the Request ID field (field ID 1). If a group or role does not have access to that field, the group or role has no access to the request, even if it has access to other fields in that form.

You can grant access to members of explicit groups or roles. For example, you can give managers access to all requests. You can also grant access to members of implicit groups. For example, submitters can see their own requests but not those submitted by other users. For more information, see Controlling access by using implicit groups: Row-level security.

The following figure lists the questions that you can ask to determine the access that users have to requests in AR System .

Accessing requests

For more information, see:

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