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Configuring full text search for a server group

Full Text Search  ( FTS ) within  Action Request System  is made up of the following primary components for Lucene search:

  • FTS core—Manages the  FTS functionality by using Lucene library 
  • FTS Indexer—Part of  AR System server  
  • FTS  Searcher—Part of  AR System server  and  FTS  plug-in server 
  • FTS  plug-in—A Java plug-in, which runs under the  FTS  plug-in server to serve search requests from the remote  AR System server s (which are not indexer servers) in the server group.
  • Index—Lucene index files


With Elasticsearch you do not need  FTS  plug-in, multiple indexers or searchers, because the AR System server directly communicates with Elasticsearch server to query data by using the REST APIs.

As events occur within AR System  that cause data to be indexed, the AR System server  sends a message to the  FTS  indexer, which then adds, deletes, or updates data within the index. Other events could include a request to search the index.

If AR System server  is not the indexer in a server group, the AR System server  sends the search request to the FTS  plug-in which is running under remote FTS  plug-in server on the indexer server (where the index exists). The remote FTS  plug-in server returns the search results to AR System server  and then the AR System server  processes the data accordingly.

If AR System server  is the indexer, it performs the search requests locally in the index and then returns the search results to the client.

When you configure a server group for FTS , ensure that the following conditions are met: 

  • The required number of servers are designated as  FTS  indexing servers in the server group.
  • The FTS  indexing server is the AR System server  that also has the FTS collection and conf directories located on a local disk.
  • The FTS  indexing server hosts a FTS  plug-in server for serving the search requests from the remote AR System server s that are not designated as indexer server. 

You can designate a server as the  FTS  indexing server by ranking it in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form. For more information, see Setting failover rankings for servers and operations

FTS  uses only one plug-in server as the reader (searcher). The reader plug-in is installed on the FTS  indexing server. Only the designated indexing FTS  server has a ranking entry in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form. This  AR System server  acts as FTS  indexer and FTS  searcher for local search requests. The reader (searcher) FTS  plug-in server serves as the searcher for all the other AR System server s in the server group that are not designated as an indexing server, so you must configure all other non-indexing servers to connect to the searcher FTS  plug-in server instance running on the FTS  indexing server. The searcher instance runs on a separate port on the FTS  indexing server.

The events that cause data to be written to the index result in data being put into the AR System  database as a queue of items to index. Only the FTS  indexing server processes index requests from this queue. However, any instance of AR System server  can send a search request to its corresponding FTS  plug-in. This ensures index integrity. For more information, see FTS plug-in configuration. There is no search fail-over for the AR System server  indexer.


  • When you perform Full Text Search on a computer, the FTS searcher uses the stop words configured on the corresponding indexer server. The FTS searcher does not use the stop words configured on the computer on which Full Text Search is performed.
  • When Full Text Search happens on a computer, the value of the AR_SERVER_INFO_FT_SUPPORT_EXACT_MATCH_SEARCH configuration on the corresponding indexer server is used to perform Full Text Search . The value of this configuration on the computer on which full text search is performed has no role to play in full text search.

Configuring FTS  for a server group

If you use FTS  in a server group, you can designate more than one server as indexing server in the server group.

Each FTS  indexing server has its own virtual queue of data to index. When AR System queues data for indexing in parallel to AR Database changes in data, it queues separately for each FTS  Indexing server as designated by the Server Group Ranking form for FTS .

In a server group, the server that owns the full text indexing operation processes all pending indexing tasks regardless of their server of origin. (The other servers have read-only access to the index files.)

FTS  is configured after all servers in the group have been installed and configured to run within a server group. The FTS collection and FTS configuration directories should be located on the same computer.

To set up FTS  in a server group

  1. Rank the FTS  servers in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form. For more information, see Setting failover rankings for servers and operations.

    You should use the FTS indexing server, which is ranked 1 in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form, for searching and the other FTS indexing server, which is ranked 2, as the failover server.

  2. In a browser, open the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console, and select System > General > FTS Configuration.

Managing, configuring and checking status of FTS -enabled servers

The FTS  Management screen on the AR System Management Console enables you to manage, configure, and check the status of all the FTS -enabled servers in a server group.

You can perform the following tasks on this screen:

  • Update  FTS  configuration for all the servers in a server group.
  • Initiate re-indexing for the entire server or for a form.
  • If the re-indexing operation is in progress, check the status of that operation.

Required permissions

You must have at least one of the following permissions to access the FTS  Management screen:

  • AR System Administrator
  • AR System Configuration Administrator
  • Integration Administrator

To configure FTS  settings for a server in the server group

The FTS  Management screen enables you to perform the following operations:


View the list of servers in the server group and also view the current status and FTS configuration on a particular server.

The FTS Configuration panel displays the following details:

  • If the selected server is FTS indexed?
  • Is it just a reader or an indexer?
  • If it is an indexer, whether indexing is enabled or not?
  • Whether re-indexing is in progress?

Select a server in the FTS Configuration panel

The Configuration panel displays the following details:

  • The Configuration panel displays detailed information for the server you select in the FTS Configuration panel. The Indexer section is disabled if the selected server is not an indexer.
  • Click Apply to apply all settings in the Configuration panel to the selected server.
View the reindex options

You can view the following section of the Configuration panel only if the selected server is an FTS indexer.

This section enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Re-index the entire server or a single form. 
  • Select either Server or Form Name to re-index.

The following section of the panel is visible only if the selected server is an FTS indexer and the re-index operation is in progress.

This section shows the current status of the re-index process and provides the following details:

  • When the reindex started?
  • How many rows were to be processed?
  • How many rows are processed so far?
  • Failures (if any) during re-index
  • Re-index progress
Reindex the indexer server

The Reindex option on the FTS Management screen enables you to reindex the indexer server.

  1. Select either Server or Form to trigger the reindex operation. 
    Server the re-index operations start on all the indexer servers.
    Form the re-index operation starts for the selected form on all the indexer servers.
  2. Click Reindex.

To use the Advanced Configuration option for the server group

In the Configuration panel, click Advanced.
The dialog box that shows advanced options for FTS  configuration is displayed.


When you use this option, all the configurations are applied to all the servers in the server group. 

Data in all the fields on this form is populated from the first indexer server. You can change these settings. 

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