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Configuring Distributed Server Option

The information in this topic is applicable only for on-premises deployments.

A  AR System  server can be associated with only one Distributed Server Option (DSO) server (ardsoj versionNumber _buildNumber.jar on Windows or UNIX). To the DSO server, that  AR System  server is the local or source  AR System  server. All other servers, whether they reside on the same host as the DSO server or on a different host, are considered remote servers. 

Each DSO server can transfer data from a form on its local server to:

  • Another form on its local server
  • A form on a remote server

To set up distributed operations, follow this process:

  1. Add a DSO license in the AR System  server. See Enabling DSO on a BMC Remedy AR System server.
  2. Configure a password for the DSO user. See Configuring a password for the DSO user.
  3. Determine whether you will use RPC program numbers. See Assigning an RPC program number to DSO.
  4. Enable the communication between the local DSO server and the remote AR System  servers. See Configuring remote AR System servers for DSO.
  5. Configure DSO for firewalls. See Configuring DSO for firewalls.
  6. Determine whether you want to specify a DSO host name. See Specifying a DSO host name.
  7. Determine whether you want to specify the RPC timeout setting. See Configuring the RPC timeout setting.
  8. Determine whether you will need DSO for load balancing. See Configuring DSO for load balancing.

On initialization, the Remedy DSO reads the configuration settings from the centralized configuration form. Remedy DSO does not read the initialization configurations from the ar.cfg file. However ar.cfg file is used only for the parameters (like Server-Name, Server-Connect-Name) required for AR System  server connection.

For more information on Remedy DSO centralized configuration settings, see Configuration settings C-D.

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