This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Configuring anonymous authentication for web services on the mid tier

The Web Service Settings page of the Mid Tier Configuration Tool enables you to enter a user name and password for authentication when accessing web services. If the  AR System server  allows guests, you do not need to provide an Anonymous User Name or Anonymous Password on the Web Service Settings page as long as the Username is passed in the AuthenticationInfo header of the web service call.

If the web service call does not contain an AuthenticationInfo header, you must specify a Remedy user name for the Anonymous User Name field and the user's password on the Web Service Settings page. If the AR System server  hosting the web service allows guest users, then the Anonymous User Name of the Web Service Settings page must have an entry, but it does not have to be an AR User ID.

For published web services used by AR System , user information such as user name, password, and domain name are passed to the service through Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) headers. If a user name and password cannot be found in the SOAP headers, the name and password specified in these fields are used to connect to the server where the needed web service resides. There is no default value for these fields.

Mid Tier  Configuration Tool—Web Service Settings page

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