This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Configuring a password for the DSO user


The Distributed Server Option (DSO) is available only for on-premises deployments.

The  DSO  server performs all operations as an internal  AR System  user with these attributes:

  • DSO user name: Distributed Server
  • License type: AR User Fixed

The Distributed Server user has controlled permissions and a locked name. It does not require additional licensing.

To enable this user to communicate with its local AR System server , you must configure a password for it as described in the following procedure.  DSO passwords are mandatory for all AR System serverinvolved in distributed operations, whether the server is the source server or the target server.

To configure a password for the local  DSO user

  1. Open the AR System Administration: Server Information form for the local AR System server .
  2. Click the Connection Settings tab.
  3. On the Connection Settings tab, click the DSO Server tab.
  4. In the DSO Local Password field, enter a password for the local DSO user, and click OK.

    To avoid authentication failures, the password must not exceed 20 characters.
  5. To make the change take effect, restart the AR System server .
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