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Changing a user login ID by using the Data Wizard Console

You can change a user login ID by using the Data Wizard Console. For example, a user's recent name change requires a change in that user's ID.

To use the data wizard to change a user ID

  1. From the Applications list on the IT Home page, select Data Management > Data Wizard. The Data Wizard Console opens.
    For more detailed information about using the Data Wizard Console, see Using the data wizard to modify data.
  2. To determine how many records will be affected by the login ID update, run the count function in the data wizard and view the log after the count has completed.
    1. Select Count target values as the action you want to perform.
    2. Select Login ID as the type of data to be acted upon.
      The following figure shows the Data Wizard Status Screen with the results log for the count operation.

  3. Depending on the number of records that will be affected, choose a time to perform the update. If a large number of records are affected, you might want to schedule the update to run in off hours.
    In the example shown above two forms are affected: CTM: SupportGroupAssociation and CTM: SupportGroupFunctionalRole. Each form has two login IDs that have to be updated.
  4. Run the update function in the data wizard. The following figure shows the Update target values function and the Login ID data type selected. The second figure below shows the next screen with the Login ID details for the update specified.

    Next screen showing Login ID details for the update

  5. You can clear the Perform FTS Reindex Now? option, if you don't want to execute FTS re-indexing.


    Running the FTS reindexing affects performance during peak hours. For example, when you, as a Remedy foundation data administrator, need to rename or make multiple changes for a support group using the Data Wizard and do not want the system to perform FTS re-indexing individually for every change during standard business hours, which could affect system performance. You must clear the Perform FTS Reindex Now? option and the FTS reindexing runs at midnight after Data Wizard is used. It runs once for each data type.

  6. View the resulting status and log to see how many records were updated.
    The following figure hows the results screen after the Update Login ID function has run. The number of records updated for each form should match the count from step 2.

    The individual can now sign in using the new login ID.
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