This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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CAI plug-in configuration

The Command Automation Interface (CAI) plug-in is used to create, update, and receive data from other back-office applications. The CAI plug-in provides dynamic data-mapping mechanism because you cannot use workflow to push values to dynamic fields. The CAI plug-in also helps to address issues caused by incompatible permission models. The CAI plug-in is used within  BMC Service Request Management  to process variables that are used during processing of submitted service requests. The CAI plug-in also helps you move data between different sources and destinations. The CAI plug-in enables bidirectional communication with external applications and delivers command events, depending on the protocol used. 

Plug-in type

CAI is a Java-based Filter API plug-in.

AR System server  connectivity

The CAI plug-in connects to the  AR System server by using the CAI Events process. The CAI plug-in (CAIPlugin.jar) is installed in the ARInstallationFolder\pluginsvr\cai folder.

Configuration information

The CAI plug-in receives its configuration information from the following locations:

  • CAI Application Registry form that defines the integrating applications, interface forms, logon information, and the plug-in location: local or remote
  • CAI Plug-in Registry that enables you to define a private server queue to be used for CAI AR System server API calls
  • AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form that has the configuration to reference the private server queue defined in the CAI Plug-in Registry

The configuration information of the CAI plug-in is available in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form.

The AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form includes the Server-Plugin-Alias setting that points to the correct plug-in server alias:
Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.CAI REMEDY.ARF.CAI myServer:9999 

See Updating configuration settings by using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form, Configuring Java plug-in servers, and Setting plug-in server configuration options.

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