This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Building qualifications and expressions

In active links and filters, the Run If qualification is an expression that determines whether the If actions or Else actions are executed for the current request. In escalations, the Run If qualification first determines whether there are any requests in the database that match the qualification. If so, the escalation if actions are executed for each matching request. If not, the escalation else actions are executed once. See If Actions and Else Actions.

Other AR System  features also use expressions, including Set Fields, Push Fields, and certain Open Window actions, as described in Specifying workflow actions. Table fields, alert lists, search menus, join forms, defined searches, data archiving, auditing, and export also use expressions.

This section describes how to build an expression, focusing on Run If qualifications. Topics include:

For specific examples of building expressions in workflow actions, see Specifying workflow actions.

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