This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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ar.cfg or ar.conf

The ar.cfg (Windows) or ar.conf (UNIX) file contains AR System server  configuration changes and is dynamically created when you install AR System server .

When you make a server configuration change in the AR System Administration: Server Information form, the configuration parameters and their new values appear in this file.

Any process can use the ARGetServerInfo function to retrieve configuration information from this file. You can use the ARSetServerInfo function to modify the information. Such modifications take effect immediately.

Manual modifications do not take effect until the AR System server  process is restarted or signaled to reread the configuration file with arsignal -c.




For ar.conf options, see:


(UNIX only) Specifies the directory where the ar.conf file and other  AR System configuration files are stored. The arsystem script sets ARCONFIGDIR to ARSystemServerInstallDir/conf, and you should not need to change this value. However, arsystem does not modify ARCONFIGDIR if a preset value is found.


The following configuration file identifies two directory locations:

# Configuration file for BMC Remedy AR System server
Server-directory: /usr/ar/db
Dbhome-directory: /usr/SQL-DB

The location of the data directory for this server is /usr/ar/db. The location of the SQL database files is /usr/SQL-DB.

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