This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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The ar file contains the list of  AR System server to which the client tools ( Developer Studio ) connect if no servers are specified on startup. The ARGetListServer function uses this file to return a list of available servers.

Entries in this file contain the following fields separated by a space or tab:

serverName  serverInformationList

  • serverName is the name of the server computer. The name is resolved to a network address by using the name resolution strategy of the local computer.
  • serverInformationList identifies the server as a AR System server  (AR) and specifies the TCP port and RPC program numbers if applicable.

Lines with a pound sign (#) in column 1 are treated as comments and are ignored.

ar synopsis



ar environment

(UNIX only) Specifies the directory where the ar.conf file and other  AR System configuration files are stored. The arsystem script sets ARCONFIGDIR to ARSystemServerInstallDir/conf, and you should not need to change this value. However, arsystem does not modify ARCONFIGDIR if a preset value is found.

ar scenarios

The following ar file entries register two server computers as AR System server s:

# Directory file for BMC Remedy AR System servers
remedy AR
server2 AR;;3030;;390600

The TCP port and RPC program numbers are specified for server2.

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