This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Active link processing

Active link conditions have an order and relationship to one another as well as to the client and server.

Active link processing

The Interval and Execute active link conditions are not included in the figure. Interval conditions are time-based and thus not dependent on specific client-server interactions; "events" can be sent during any change of application state.

How data is loaded into a form and available to be acted on often depends on the window mode and how the user interacts with fields on the form. The order in which active links are processed can help you determine which one to specify.

Following is an example of an active link process using Window Open:

  1. Use the Window Open condition to set field values when the values are required for workflow processing before the request is actually displayed. These values are used only as temporary data for validation purposes in workflow. But when the window opens, the actual values displayed in these fields are not this temporary data, but the values specified by the user preference settings.
  2. Use the Display condition for any values you want the user to see when the request is displayed.
  3. Use the Window Open condition to prevent the window from opening and generating an error message when the user does not have appropriate permissions.
    The way your active link executes can be affected by how users have set their preferences for the web client. Use caution when using Set Fields or Push Fields actions triggered by Window Open that rely on specific initial field values. For example, if your active link relies on default field values appearing, it does not work if the users sets the option to clear all fields on Window Open.
    More than one active link (or filter) can execute on the same execution condition , and the output of one can affect another.
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