This documentation supports the 21.3 version of Action Request System.

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Transforming XML and AR System objects

To transform XML Schema into AR System  objects and vice versa, you use the XML Schema definition files (.xsd files) and the XML API functions. The AR System  XML Schema definition files describe the format and rules for defining the objects.

You can also import from and export to XML files using Developer Studio , and the import and export CLI programs. To make sure that you can import and export your own XML files and objects with AR System , check the AR XML Schema definition files for format information.

For individual AR System  XML tag descriptions, see the XML definition files.

Schema definition files

XML Schemas are documents that are used to define and validate the content and structure of XML data.

An XML Schema defines and describes an XML instance document using the XML Schema definition language (XSD). An XML instance document conforms to the standards of the XML Schema. XML Schema elements (elements, attributes, types, and groups) are used to define the structure, content, and relationship of the XML data. XML Schemas can also provide default values for attributes, and elements. For more information, see the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website:

The AR System  XML Schemas describe the format of the XML that is produced and consumed by AR System . Applications can be built to integrate with the AR System  using XML that conforms to the standards of the AR System  XML Schemas.

The XML schemas can also be used to validate the XML instance documents. This verifies that all of the elements of data exist, are in the expected sequence, and are all of the correct data type. This helps make sure that AR System  can interpret the XML instance document that is received.

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