This documentation supports the 21.3 version of Action Request System.

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Opening underlying records in a web report

Web reports can contain links to the underlying data. This allows you to "drill down" by clicking the links to open the underlying records and work interactively with the data in the report. 

In a list report, each row represents a single request and contains a link to that request. The link appears in the Request ID column if it is included in the report. If the Request ID field is not included, the link is created on the Short Description field, if included, or on the first field in the report (the left-most column). When you click the link, the request underlying that row of the list opens. 

In a chart report, elements of the chart reflect a group of one or more underlying records. For example, the bars in a bar chart might represent the number of students enrolled in each class in the Sample applications. Clicking on a bar in the chart opens the form, and the records summarized in that bar of the chart are listed in the results list. 

The following are restrictions on using the drill-down feature of Web reports:

  • The form must allow drilling down from a report. If the administrator has turned off the "Allow Drill Down from Web Report" form property, reports on that form do not allow you to drill down to the underlying requests.
  • If the form is a vendor form, the associated plug-in must include the fields used in the report query; otherwise, the following error message appears:
    Illegal field encountered in the qualifier. (ARERR 3355).
  • In a chart report, you cannot drill down in the following situations:
    • The report was run from a search results list or table field by selecting records and then clicking Report. In this case, the chart drill-down links are not available, because the records represented in the chart are already available in the search results.
    • The selected field is a field type that contains group IDs, including the Group List field on the User form, the Assignee Group field, or a dynamic field (field ID in the range 60000 - 69999). In this case, AR System  reports "No matching requests (or no permission to requests) for qualification criteria. (ARWARN 9296)."
    • The field used for the Category axis contains records with a null value. In this case, AR System  reports "No matching requests (or no permission to requests) for qualification criteria. (ARWARN 9296)."
    • The Category axis is based on a group field. This includes the Group List field in the User form (field 104), the Assignee Group field in any form (field 112), or any dynamic group field (field ID in range 60000 - 69999).
    • The chart is in an exported report.

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