This documentation supports the 21.3 version of Action Request System.

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ImageExtractor.jar (ImageExtractor.bat)

The ImageExtractor is a Java utility that enables you to convert individually stored images contained in existing field display properties to  AR System shared images. Shared images are server objects that you can manage in  Developer Studio .

The utility can convert all images associated with a specified set of forms, or all images in the database, to shared images and image references. The utility uses an image checksum to identify images already present in the server. If an image is found, that reference is used. Otherwise, a shared image object is created.

The ImageExtractor.jar utility is installed with the AR System server . On Windows, a batch file (ImageExtractor.bat) is provided to ensure the correct environment settings are configured when you run the utility. Both files are in the ARServerInstallDir\api\lib directory. On UNIX, is in the ARServerInstallDir/api/JavaDriver/ directory.


{{java -jar ImageExtractor.jar}}


The utility prompts you for the following input:

Server host

Enter the host name of the AR System server .

Server port

If not using the AR System portmapper, enter the TCP port for the AR System server . If using a portmapper, press ENTER to leave this option blank.

User name

Enter the AR System user name of a user who is a member of the Administrator group.

PasswordEnter the password for the user.
Image file containing the form names

Enter the name of the text file, if any, that lists the form names for which to convert images (see the Environment information). To convert all images on the AR System server , leave this option blank.


You must have a supported Oracle Java runtime environment (JRE) installed and available in the server environment. To convert images for a specified list of forms, create a text file that contains one form name per line. For example, the ImageExtractor utility would use the following text file to convert all images in the Sample application forms listed:



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