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Filtering Foundation data by domain

A domain tag is a label that you associate with Foundation data to determine the line of business to which the Foundation data belongs. As an administrator, when you define a line of business, a domain tag of the same name as the line of business is created. As an administrator, you can use this domain tag to associate it with different types of Foundation data. You must configure the domain to make the data associated with the tag available. You can configure only one domain for a line of business.

You can use domain tags to label only Support Groups and Operational Categories data.

Use domain tags to perform the following tasks:

  • Filter and search Foundation data related to a domain in  BMC Helix Business Workflows .
    For example, in your HR services application, you can apply HR domain tag to HR support groups, incident requests, or support tickets to retrieve and show data related to HR only.
  • Use only the relevant data for your application.

To create a domain tag

  1. Log in to Mid Tier .
  2. Select Administration Console > Application Administration Console.
  3. In the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  4. From the Application Settings list, select Foundation > Advanced Options > Manage Domain Tags, and then click Open
  5. On the Domain Tags forms, click New Request, and enter details for the following fields:



    Domain Tag NameName of the domain tag, such as FacilitiesHumanResourcesIT.
    Unique Domain Tag IdentifierA unique domain tag ID to help identify a tag in an application. A domain tag identifier must be alphanumeric and should contain no spaces. Do not keep this field blank. If the field is kept blank, the server generates a standard 38 character random identifier that is difficult to copy or create manually.
    StatusSelect Enabled.
  6. Click Save.

Where to go from here

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