This documentation supports the 21.3 version of Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring AR System servers

Every  AR System server has a variety of configuration settings that control how the server works and how it interacts with users. Configuration settings are specific for each server.

Use the AR System Administration: Server Information form from the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console to display information about the selected server and to set server options. You must be an administrator to make changes.

For more information about the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console, see  2023-11-17_05-15-08_.Navigating the AR System Administration Console v21.05.

The following table lists the tabs in the AR System Administration: Server Information form. The information provided in each tab is described in the sections that follow.

Tabs in the AR System Administration: Server Information form





Sets parameters related to AR System efficiency, security, and localization.

Setting performance and security options

Always On Logging Configures the options for Always On Logging feature.2024-03-14_00-31-47_.Setting Always On logging v21.05 


Sets configuration options.

Setting administrative options

Connection Settings

Enables you to configure passwords used between the AR System server and its external subsystems.

Setting server passwords, RPC options, and plug-in timeouts

Currency Types

Specifies currency types available in AR System.

Setting currency types


Displays information about the database that the selected server communicates with. You also define a database password and configuration file location in this tab.

2023-11-22_01-16-36_.Setting database options v21.05

(For On-premises deployments only) DSO

Configures options for distributed operations.

Configuring Distributed Server Option


Sets parameters necessary for AR System to authenticate users to external systems.

Setting external authentication options


Enables you to view and modify your AR System server 's encryption configuration.

2024-03-18_04-59-35_Enabling or disabling Encryption Security on AR System server

Full Text Search

Configures Full Text Search ( FTS ) options.

Configuring Full Text Search


Displays the type and number of Action Request System licenses on a server. You also set the Submitter Mode in this tab.

Setting license options

Log Files

Enables the logging for various log files. You also set the log level in this tab.

.Setting log files options v21.3

Log Filtering

Enables you to apply restrictions on the AR System server logging, based on one or more parameters.

Configuring AR System server logging


Displays information about the platform on which the selected server is running.

Setting platform options

Ports and Queues

Configures Action Request System to communicate with client tools, services, and other servers on the network. Displays information relevant to the user of the multiple threads in the AR System server .

Server Events

Sets the options for logging internal server changes.

Setting server logging options


Sets various timeouts for the selected server.

Setting timeout options

Version Control

Sets source control integration within Action Request System .

Setting version control options

WS Registry Integration

Enables the use of the AR System Web Service Registry form by configuring a connection to a BMC Atrium Web Services Registry. Also provides a button to update the registry.

Registering a web service

Atrium SSO Integration

Enables the integration of the AR System server with the Atrium SSO server for the purpose of single-sign on.

Setting a connection to the BMC Helix Single-Sign On server

Server Statistics

Sets parameters related to server statistics.

Enabling and viewing statistics about long-running SQL and API calls
Attachment Security

Enables you to restrict users from uploading and viewing files with certain extensions in Mid Tier .

Restricting users from uploading and viewing files with specific extensions

Best practice

We recommend that you use the AR System Configuration Generic UI form to modify the centralized configuration settings. See Configuration settings.
You also need to perform the following tasks while configuring AR System server :

For information about the mid tier and Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool, see Accessing the Mid Tier Configuration Tool.

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