This documentation supports the 21.3 version of Action Request System.

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The plug-in server calls this function when it receives filter API Set Fields action data or input values from the  AR System server during workflow operations.

To be thread-safe, your plug-in must protect any global information or resources accessed here with appropriate mutual exclusion locks. You must implement this function in all filter API plug-ins.


#include "arfilterapi.h"

int ARFilterApiCall(
   void *object,
   ARValueList *inValues,
   ARValueList *outValues,
   ARStatusList *status)

Input arguments


Pointer to the plug-in instance that the call to ARPluginCreateInstance returned.


Array of input values that the filter action specifies.  Developer Studio defines the filter action and what data the  AR System server passes to the AR filter API plug-in.

Return arguments


Array of output values that the plug-in creator defines.


List of zero or more notes, warnings, or errors generated from a call to this function. For a description of all possible values, see Error checking. The AR System server  passes the status results to the corresponding filter or escalation.

See also

ARPluginCreateInstance, ARPluginDeleteInstance, ARPluginIdentify, ARPluginInitialization, ARPluginTermination.

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