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Altering a notification process on BMC Helix Innovation Suite

BMC Helix Innovation Suite enables an administrator or application business analyst to interoperate between  Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio . This capability helps simplify application development.

The goal of this use case is to improve the notification process by adding the ability to send a text message in addition to an email.

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The following video (11:47) shows details about altering the notification process:

Altering a notification process scenario

When a customer reports an issue,  BMC Helix ITSM: Service Desk creates an incident and assigns it to a specific support group. All support group members receive an email about the incident.

When a support group member accepts the incident, the following actions are triggered:

  • The status of the incident is changed to assigned.
  • Work information is updated.
  • An email is sent to other support group members, notifying that the incident is assigned to a particular support group member.

The following infographic shows the altered workflow that show how a notification sent through an email as well as through a text message:

Altering the notification process workflow

The following diagram shows the process flow of altering the notification process:


On the Support Group Assignment Configuration form, create On Call group and define users and their mobile numbers.

Configuring support groups
2From Centralized Configuration, enable progressive web application.Enabling Progressive Web Application

In BMC Helix Innovation Studio , create the following two processes.

  • A process to notify support group members about the incident.
  • A process to inform that one of the support group member has started working on the incident.

Defining the application business logic through processes Open link


In Developer Studio , create the following two filters:

  • A filter that triggers when an incident is created.
  • A filter that triggers when an incident is updated.
Creating filters

Benefits and results of altering the notification process

  • Altering the notification process helps customize the business process. You can send a text message to support group members.
  • The support group members receive a text message in addition to an email.
  • When a member starts working on an incident, other members get a notification about it.
  • The support group member can self-assign the incident.

Limitations when interoperating between  Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio

The BMC Helix Innovation Suite performs the following validations when you interoperate between Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio:

TaskError/warning message

Create, update, or delete a record instance on the Action Request System form from a BMC Helix Innovation Studio process.

(Warning message)

8613 If you have workflows defined on a AR System form, creating, updating, or deleting a record instance through a process on the form might not work as expected.

Use an Action Request System form as a source for a rule in Rule Designer.

(Error message)

8614 You cannot apply a rule to the AR System form.

Create a join record definition between a Action Request System form and record definition.

(Warning message)

8615 If you have workflows defined on a AR System form, join record definition might not work as expected.

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