This documentation supports the 21.05 version of Action Request System.
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Working with the AP:Administration form

Process administrators use the AP:Administration form to perform the following tasks of managing and configuring Approval Server :

  • Creating or configuring other process administrators and alternates
  • Accessing  AR System server settings that are specific to  Approval Server
  • Renaming related processes and forms
  • Managing approval server processes, rules, notifications, roles, and forms

To access the AP:Administration form, you must be a Approval Server  process administrator or an AR System administrator.

AP:Administration form

To open the AP:Administration form

  1. Log in to  AR System as an administrator or a process administrator by using a browser.
  2. Open the AP:Administration form by using the link on the default AR System Home Page form.
    If you do not see a link on AR System Home Page, in a browser, enter the following URL and press Enter:
    hostName is the name of the web server, and serverName is the name of the AR System server.

This section only describes how to use the following items on the AP:Administration form:

  • Administrator tab — This tab enables you to create and configure process administrators. See Creating a process administrator.
  • Server settings link — This link enables you to configure Approval Server  logging, and customize other settings.


    This form shows the local level value of the configuration. If a local value does not exist, the form displays the global level configuration.
    If you modify the value on this form, the local level configuration value is modified.

    For example, if a configuration shows global level value and you modify the value by using this form, the local level value gets created for the configuration.

    For more information about global and local level configurations, see Managing server group components by setting global-level and local-level configurations

For information about using other tabs and links on the AP:Administration form, see:

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