This documentation supports the 21.05 version of Action Request System.
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Server error log

The arerror.log file is always active, and logs all  AR System server error messages. Any message that represents a serious or fatal server error is reported in this file, including messages that cannot be returned to a user, or that are not appropriate for return.

The logged messages include information about termination of or failed server processes. A termination entry about a server process also appears for normal shutdown. For example, any time a AR System server  shuts down, a message is written to this file.

On Windows, this file is stored in the ARSystemInstallDir\arserver\Db directory. On UNIX systems, this file is stored in the ARSystemInstallDir/db directory. Check this file regularly to see if your servers are reporting errors.

Details of arerror.log file

When you start the AR System server , important information such as, AR System server  version, server license information and the various extensions that are loaded are displayed in arerror.log file. These are the important messages shown in arerror.log file for the convenience of the administrators. When the AR System server  starts successfully and if there are any important errors, the errors are logged to arerror.log file. These messages indicate whether these are errors or warnings (ARERR, ERROR, WARN). For more information on error codes that are shown in the log files, see 1 to 999 - AR System server messages and notifications.

Example — Error
Wed Aug 31 03:32:09 2016  390695 : An error has occurred while loading a plug-in. (ARERR 8756)
Tue Sep 13 03:42:49.343 2016 ERROR (8760): Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server; 

The following table lists the various error codes shown in the logs:

Error codeDescription


Application note


Application warning
ARAPPERR Application error


DSO note


DSO warning


DSO error


AR System note


AR System warning


AR System error

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