This documentation supports the 21.05 version of Action Request System.
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Migrator error messages

This section contains error messages that are specific to Migrator . It includes the number associated with each error, a description of the error message, and, where available, troubleshooting suggestions.

When an error does not apply specifically to Migrator , Migrator  uses the same error messages as AR System .


Migrator and AR System use different error message numbering systems. Hence, a Migrator error message and an AR System error message that have the same number are not related.

If an error persists, contact Customer Support.

In Migrator , error messages are classified according to the following types:

Migrator  message ranges 

Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Table Filter macro.

The table is being loaded. Please wait for a bit ...

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