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Analyzer rules

Analyzer finds potential performance issues and errors by checking  AR System server  objects that you select against the rules that you specify. The following table lists the rules that you can use to analyze your objects.

Analyzer rules

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Inefficient QueriesIdentifies inefficient queries, such as queries that do not use an index.
Unused WorkflowIdentifies workflow objects that have no Execute On options enabled and are not included in any guide.
Server Referenced by NameIdentifies workflow objects that include references to servers by name and might not be portable.
Unreachable Else ActionsIdentifies workflow objects with Else actions that have no Run If qualification.
Process ValidityIdentifies workflow objects that contain Run Process actions or Set Fields actions with a $PROCESS$ value that have invalid server references.
Invalid Access PointIdentifies forms or call guides that are referenced as part of another application and that are not declared as an access point in the current application.
Duplicate Message Number in Message ActionIdentifies duplicate numbers used in more than one Message action.
Run Macro Action Used in Active LinkIdentifies active links where the Run Macro action is used
Set Fields Order Is Not PredictableIdentifies workflow objects where the Set Fields action source and target values are interdependent.
Field References in SQL CommandIdentifies SQL commands that use field references.
Unused menuIdentifies menus that are not attached to any fields or are not used in any workflow.
Invalid Declaration of Global Fields

Identifies global fields with either of the following characteristics:

  • The field is a Character field whose input length is greater than 255.
  • The field is a Diary or Attachments field.
Form Is Not a Part of Any Deployable ApplicationIdentifies forms that are not part of a deployable application, which means that its associated workflow are also not included.
Irrelevant Field IndexingIdentifies fields that are indexed but do not exist or should not be indexed.
Trim Fields Are Not Visible in Any ViewIdentifies trim fields that are defined on the form but are not present in any view.
Number of Aliases for Selection Fields Is Inconsistent on Views.Identifies selection fields that have an inconsistent number of aliases of different views (An example of this might occur in localized views.)
Unused GuideIdentifies guides that are not used in any workflow.
Guide's Workflow Forms Belong to Different ApplicationIdentifies guides that have multiple workflows, and the forms associated to the workflow belong to different deployable applications.
Unreferenced Views Not Set as Default ViewIdentified unreferenced views that are not used in any workflow or are not set as the default view.
Bounding Box Is Too SmallIdentifies fields that are cut off because they do not fit in their bounding box.
Display-Only Fields Not Used In Any WorkflowIdentifies display-only fields that are not used in any workflow.
Display-Only Fields Not Used In Any WorkflowIdentifies display-only fields that are not used in any workflow.
Unused Control FieldsIdentifies unused control fields (buttons.)
Referenced Fields Do Not ExistIdentifies fields that are referenced but do not exist.

Incomplete Association

Identifies associations that have references to invalid forms, invalid qualifications, and invalid fields and checks whether archiving is disabled on forms.
Unfollowed Strong AssociationsIdentifies all the enabled strong associations that are not getting followed during archiving.
PerformanceActive Link Execute On

Identifies workflow objects that have two or more of the following Execute On conditions enabled:

  • Window Open
  • Window Loaded
  • Display

Large imageIdentifies large background images and large images on buttons.
QBE MatchIdentifies character fields where the query-by-example (QBE) property is set to Anywhere.
$PROCESS$ as Assignment ValueIdentifies workflow where $PROCESS$ is used as an assignment value in a Set Fields action (This excludes special Run Process commands.)
Field Length Greater Than 255 CharactersIdentifies fields with a length that is greater than 255 characters.
Unindexed Field Mapping In Association

Identifies the fields used to define a field mapping in an association that are not a part of form indexes.


Run Process

Identifies when a process command uses a field variable as a part of a process argument or as the entire command; also identifies whether the server setting to use a directory for Run Process active link actions is enabled Additionally, for UNIX servers, this rule identifies whether the following server settings are enabled:

  • Using shell control for Run Process actions
  • Using back quote characters (') in Run Process actions
System Password

Identifies system passwords that have not been set (such as the Distributed Server Option User password.)

User PasswordIdentifies user passwords that have not been set; notifies you if the server setting for saved logins is enabled for all users.
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