This documentation supports the 21.05 version of Action Request System.
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Additional troubleshooting resources

The following additional logs and forms can help you track information or troubleshoot the  AR System server and its components:

  • Server Events — A form that contains recorded events affecting the AR System  data dictionary. For more information about this form, see Capturing server events for workflow or API calls.
  • Server Statistics — A form that contains periodically recorded statistics about the server. For information about configuring statistics, see Setting performance and security options.
  • Windows EventViewer — An application that enables you to monitor and log events in your Windows system. Use the following logs for the specified issues:
    • System log for trouble starting services
    • Application log for trouble with the  AR System server
  • UNIX Syslog — A file on UNIX servers that logs all serious server errors encountered.
  • Error log — A file that logs all AR System  error messages you encounter. It is named arerror.log. For more information about the arerror.log file, see Server error log.
  • armonitor.log — Logs the startup activity for the AR System server  and any other server component configured in the armonitor.cfg file.
  • Approval Server logging — See Approval server debug log
  • BMC Remedy Flashboards logging — See Configuring the Log Settings page by using Mid Tier Configuration Tool.
  • BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option logging — See Distributed Server Option logging.
  • Plug-in logging — See Running the plug-in server.
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