Phased rollout

This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout. Click here to view an earlier version.

How BMC Dashboards facilitates the creation of interactive dashboards for your applications

Use BMC Helix Dashboards, a SaaS service on the BMC Helix Portal, to create interactive dashboards for Service Management applications.

For more information about BMC Helix Dashboards, see  Product overview  in BMC Helix Dashboards documentation.

You can access BMC Helix Dashboards through BMC Helix Portal. You must have adequate permissions to use BMC Helix Portal. About permissions required, see Accessing BMC Helix Portal.

The following figure represents the process for Remedy and BMC Helix Platform application users to access BMC Helix Dashboard:

On BMC Helix Dashboards, use the Service Management plug-in to create and view reports for Service Management applications. For more information about the Service Management plug-in, see  Building queries to fetch event and metrics data  in BMC Helix Dashboards documentation.

Benefits of leveraging BMC Helix Dashboards

  • Provides database independent query and functions.
  • Enforces permission model, such as row-level security while retrieving the data.
  • Retrieves data from the Vendor forms.
  • Retrieves data that is encrypted by the AR System server in the database. 


Susan, a manager at Calbro Services wants to track incidents during a specific period. She creates a dashboard by using BMC Helix Dashboards and uses the data to analyze the following details:

  • Incident Trends
  • Incident Status
  • Open Incidents Cross-tab Priority and Status
  • Incident Assignment Heatmap

The following image shows the dashboard:

How to access BMC Helix Portal

You can access BMC Helix Dashboards through BMC Helix Portal. BMC Helix Portal provides a set of integrated products and shared common services from a single, unified view. 

To access BMC Helix Portal, complete the registration process. For more information, see  Trial page .  Your free trial remains active for 14 days. During the trial, you get unrestricted access to all the capabilities available with the integrated products and common services.

BMC Helix ITSM can access integrated products and services on BMC Helix Portal by using the cross-product user access (or external user access) between BMC Helix Portal and BMC Helix ITSM. BMC Helix Portal identifies users based on the type of access. For more information about user access types, see User identities  in BMC Helix Portal documentation.

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