Phased rollout

This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout. Click here to view an earlier version.

Foundation data model

The Foundation module contains the common forms, workflow, and data that are needed to support the BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications. It also provides a repository for the following data structures used by each BMC Helix Innovation Suite application:

  • Company
  • Organization
  • People
  • Support groups
  • Categorization

The Foundation data can be used to drive business processes and rules. It consists of common data elements, such as people, organization, locations, categorizations, and location, that can be used by multiple applications in an organization to satisfy different requirements.

For example, if you use BMC Helix Innovation Studio to create an onboarding application and a service desk application for your organization, you can use the people and location data elements in both of these applications for different purposes. You do not need to re-create this data multiple times.

As an administrator, you must set up Foundation data for BMC Helix Innovation Suite after BMC provisions and activates your system. You can upload existing Foundation data by using spreadsheets or you can upload fresh data manually for your applications. You must define the Foundation data elements company, region, site, and person.

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