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Enabling submitters to modify requests

AR System  contains a setting that enables users to modify requests that they initially submitted even if they do not have a write license. To enable this feature, set the Submitter Mode option to Locked in the Licenses tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form.

Setting Submitter Mode on the Licenses tab

The Submitter Mode options are:

Before selecting the option, make sure that you have appropriate permissions.

  • Locked—Enables users who have their name in the Submitter field to modify their own requests without a write license. This does not apply to users with a Restricted Read license who cannot modify requests under any circumstances. In the locked submitter mode, after the entry is submitted, the value in the Submitter field cannot be changed.
  • Changeable—Requires users to have a write (fixed or floating) license to change any record, including requests for which they are the submitter.

For more information, see Setting license options.

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