This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Using the sync cache option

To enable faster previewing of changes to forms and applications in a browser, and to enable users to see updated information more quickly, you can use the Sync Cache option for the available servers. Selecting this option for a server clears only those objects that have changed on that server since the last time the cache was cleared.

Sync cache option

The Sync Cache operation synchronizes any of the following objects, if the changed timestamp on BMC Remedy AR System Server is more recent than the cached item in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier cache:

  • Forms
  • Active links
  • Containers (guides, applications, web services)
  • Menus (character menus)

Sync Cache completely removes and rebuilds the following cache items since the performance hit is minimal:

  • Group data
  • Role data
  • Image objects
  • Currency codes


Whenever AR System Server successfully applies a deployment package, the Mid Tier receives a notification and can sync the cache automatically.

The Sync in Cluster option indicates whether you want the cache to be synced automatically on a group of mid tiers. This option allows you to see the changes from Sync Cache from any mid tier in the group without clearing browser cache.  

If the Sync in Cluster check box is:

  • Selected — The cache will be synced periodically and simultaneously across all mid tiers in a group. It does not require the mid tiers to be in a clustered deployment. All the mid tiers run the timed Sync Cache at the same time if the following conditions are true:
    • The mid tiers in the group should have the same interval definition specified from the Definition Change Check Interval field of the AR Server Settings > Edit AR Server Settings page.
    • The mid tiers should be running on computers with the same system clock time.


      The mid tiers in a group do not communicate with each other internally. All mid tiers that have same system clock time and Definition Change Check Interval value are defined as a group of mid tiers.

  • Cleared (default) — The cache will be synced automatically at the interval that you specify on each mid tier in the Definition Change Check Interval field of the AR Server Settings > Edit AR Server Settings page.

For information about this option, see Knowledge Base article ID 000030484.

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