This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Using the SAMPLE DATA data source

To create a Set Fields action that uses runtime information to identify the source server and form, use the SAMPLE DATA data source. For general information about using SAMPLE DATA, see Using a dynamic data source or destination in workflow.

To use a dynamic data source in a Set Fields action, your application must include the following objects and functionality:

  • If the server and form name for the source data are taken from fields on the primary form, the workflow or user interaction must be designed to populate these fields before executing the Set Fields action.
  • The sample form must contain fields with the same field IDs as the potential Set Fields source form on the runtime servers. You use the "sample" fields on this form to complete the field mapping section of the Set Fields action. The "sample" form must contain field IDs that exist on any dynamic source forms that are used at runtime.
  • All potential Set Fields source forms must contain fields with the correct field IDs.
  • If the server and form name for the source data are not taken from keywords, the primary form must contain fields to hold the runtime values of server name (for active links) and form name (for all workflow types). These fields can be populated by workflow or the values can be entered by a user (if active link).
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