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Using the Get Agreement sample application

This section demonstrates how to perform basic approval functions by using Get Agreement, one of the sample applications bundled with BMC Remedy Approval Server. The Get Agreement application demonstrates how requesters and approvers work with approval and More Information requests in an Ad Hoc approval process.

Refer to the following table to understand the step-by-step process of the Get Agreement sample agreement:

1Understand and test the approval server functionality by using the sample application.Overview of the Get Agreement application
2Open approval central.Accessing Approval Central
3Use the sample application to start the approval process by creating a new approval request.Creating new approval requests
4Approve the approval request.Approving approval requests
5Transfer an approval request to another approver.Reassigning approval requests
6Seek more information about approval requests.Requesting more information
7Understand the approval status and take action.Working with Approval Status and More Information requests
8Respond to a More Information request and then view the responses.Responding to and viewing responses to More Information requests
9 Verify the status of an approval request that you created. Checking status of requests

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Overview of the Get Agreement application

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