This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the advanced search bar

You can use the advanced search bar to define a more complex set of criteria than you can specify by using only fields in a form. For example, you can search for all requests with two different values in the same field. Thus, you could search for all requests that have a status of Fixed or Closed.

When you specify search criteria in the advanced search bar, you can use the same operators as in the form, and several more. See Using relational operators in the advanced search bar.

The easiest way to build your search in the advanced search bar is to select the fields, status history fields, keywords, values, currency codes, currency field sub-values, and selection field values directly from the Fields menu to the right of the bar. When you select items directly from this menu, the correct syntax is automatically entered.

You can also type the information directly into the advanced search bar. If you select this option, observe the conventions listed in the following sections.

For more information, see Examples of advanced search bar statements.


If you enter search criteria in the advanced search bar and then hide the advanced search bar, the criteria is still used to find matching requests. If you have entered criteria in the advanced search bar and then decide not to use it, you must clear the advanced search bar before you hide it.

Showing or hiding the advanced search bar

To show or hide the advanced search bar, click the Advanced Search button in a search window. When visible, it appears at the bottom of the browser window.

Building an advanced search

  1. Click the Advanced Search button in a search window.
  2. Define a search statement in the Advanced Search bar.
    If you use relational operators, observe the appropriate operator precedence. (See Using relational operators in a search.)
  3. Click Search.

The following topics provide information about how to work with the advanced search bar:

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